The college application is one of the most important admissions processes that a student faces. The school you attend becomes part of your identity, a label that helps you in the future to make positive impressions on others before they have even met you. Graduating from a top college will give you an advantage for the rest of your life, will make you more competitive for future jobs, and will make many of the challenges that you will face in the future significantly easier.
At IVYPotential, we are dedicated to helping students through the college planning and application process. With admissions becoming increasingly more competitive, we will help students develop a strategic game plan to maximize their success at admission into their choice school.

Acceptance into IVY league schools has become more competitive every year.

Applicants with tops scores and grades are no longer guaranteed entry into the schools of their choice. Those applicants who are accepted are the ones who are able to creatively distinguish themselves from the remainder of the highly-qualified applicant pool. This process of distinguishing oneself on an application is an art. Those who have the benefit of an experienced coach have the edge.

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Ideally, all students should have personal advising throughout their high school career, from freshman to senior years. This ensures that you have the best chance of being accepted into the college of your choice. Although you may not know it, many of your peers already have a personal advisor. These peers who are receiving private college advising are not only around the country and the world, but even in your own school!

Students and their parents who underestimate the importance of having a personal college advisor are at a disadvantage. The efforts of your school’s guidance counselor may be limited since he/she is spread very thinly trying to help all the other students in a class, many who need more help and attention than others.

The relationships that our IVYPotential staff form with our students extend long after acceptance into college. We continue to work with you throughout your college career, through your graduate school applications, and beyond.

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